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2018 Referee Winter Registration

  • I have updated all contact and address information on my current Goalline account information page. http://www.snsa.goalline.ca
  • Changes of Information: The Official List for referee assignment is generated from the online profile that you generate in Goalline. You must ensure that your profile is current. Should you need help with the procedure please contact your Regional Referee Committee (listed on the SNS Website)
  • CSA guidelines require that referees be assigned to the leagues in which they are qualified to act as a middle referee. Your current designation can be found on your Goalline account information page.
  • I agree to abide by the Canadian Soccer Association, Soccer Nova Scotia Rules and my Regional Referee Association’s regulations and I will update my online profile on Goalline.
  • There is a potential risk of injury involved in training and participating in any sport. Soccer Nova Scotia has tried to create a safe and controlled environment for safe participation. The local Referee Associations have established rules in conjunction with the governing body for participation and conduct on and about the area that should be followed.
  • Price: $ 15.00 CAD
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