IMPORTANT - You will require your president to complete the president declaration form within 48 hours of this form submission.

Access President Declaration Form Here

  • This form must be submitted to SNS at least seven days prior to travel inside Canada, payment of $30.00 must accompany this form in order for it to be processed and the permission granted; applications received less than forty eight hours prior to departure will be charged an additional $30.00.
  • Teams traveling outside of Canada must submit this form at least eight weeks prior to travel, accompanied by a payment of $130.00.
  • Travel applications must have a president's declaration signed within 48 hours of this application.
  • Approved permits will be signed and emailed to the team official for forwarding to the tournament hosts; please advise if direct communication between SNS and host is required. Team staff must have a paper or electronic copy of this permit while travelling.

General Information

Travel Details

Permission is requested to play games outside of Nova Scotia between the following dates:

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Official Roster

The following players are duly registered with the above-named team (or attach an official roster):

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