BMO Soccer Centre (BMOSC) Proof of Vaccination and Masking Policy

BMOSC is committed to working hard to give our players, team staff, referees, and league staff a fun and safe season.  This includes getting fans back in the stands.  Our ability to do so is totally dependent on your help.

BMOSC Proof of Vaccination Policy:

Spectators (Games and Training):

  1. All spectators must comply with the Nova Scotia Proof of Vaccination Policy.
  2. Entrance and Exit:
  • Entrance: Spectators are permitted into the facility no earlier than 30 minutes before the start of the game or training session as long as a team representative is present to verify Proof of Vaccination
  • Doors Locked: Doors will be locked to spectator access 15 minutes after the commencement of the game or training session. You will be granted entry into the building as long as there is a team representative present to verify Proof of Vaccination.
  • Exit: Spectators must leave the facility 15 minutes after the completion of the game or training session.
  1. Each team/group will be required to have one door check person at the main entrance to view proof of vaccination and ID. Each team/group will have its own line and supporters of each team/group will enter through that team’s line.
  2. This door check person’s name must be recorded on the facility log sheet. Failure to record the name will be seen as not having a person present to check vaccination status.
  3. Any team not providing an individual to check for proof of vaccination will be issued a warning. A second occurrence of failing to provide a check-in person may result in the group losing their ability to have spectators present during their event or loss of booking privileges.
  4. Neither the group nor BMOSC will “store for next time” any proof of vaccination record. Each spectator must show proof of vaccination and ID for each game or training session. Names will not be recorded unless there is a government or facility mandate requiring names for contact tracing purposes.


  1. Masks are mandatory for persons including all players, team staff, game officials any time outside of the field of play prior to warm-up and after the end of each game/ training session. Team staff, referees and staff will make best efforts to wear a mask at all times excepting in instances where the individual must undertake physical activity or significant communication in his or her role.
  2. Masks are mandatory for all spectators and may not be removed at any time while indoors.



  1. All belligerent behaviour will be referred to the Halifax Regional Police. Any person refusing to provide proof of vaccination and failing to leave the premises will be banned from attendance for the remainder of the scheduled season.
  2. BMOSC retains the right to disallow any team or club to have spectators if there is reason to believe that a team or club is not making best efforts to comply with the Nova Scotia Proof of Vaccination Policy.



  1. BMOSC has the right to change the foregoing policies at any time including the ability to limit the number of spectators or fully prohibit spectators.
  2. Participants and rental groups are subject to all facility rules. Where user groups policies are less strict than a facility rule, the facility rule will apply.


Summary of Nova Scotia Proof of Full Vaccination Policy


Nova Scotia’s Proof of Full Vaccination Policy became effective on October 4, 2021. In order to attend indoor and outdoor sports practices, games, competitions and tournaments all participants and spectators have to provide proof of full vaccination.

“Full vaccination” means that the individual must have received the required dosing of an approved vaccine or combination of vaccines 2 weeks prior to attending the sporting event.

There are very limited medical exemptions.  A signed letter in the province’s mandatory form provided by a physician or nurse practitioner must be shown in order to rely on this exemption.

There are modifications for individuals under the age of 18:

  • Children who turn 12 between 1 January and 4 October 2021 have until 31 December 2021 to attend events and activities while they get vaccinated. In other words, these children must have the required doses of vaccine by December 17, 2021, so that the 14 days post-vaccination period can pass, and they will be considered fully vaccinated for January 1, 2022.
  • Children who turn 12 after 4 October 2021 have 3 months from their birthday to get vaccinated. For example, a child who turns 12 on January 1, 2022, would need to be fully vaccinated by April 1, 2022, to continue to play after April 1.   In other words, the child would need to have the required doses of vaccine by March 17, 2022, so that the 14 days post-vaccination period can pass, and the child would be considered fully vaccinated for three months after the birthday.
  • Children 13 to 18 can start the season if they have proof that they received 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine. To continue participating, the child must provide proof of full vaccination by 9 November 2021, meaning that the child would need to get a first dose no later than 28 September and a second dose no later than 26 October.

Proof of vaccination means an original, paper copy, digital copy, screen shot, or clear picture of a government issued record of vaccination (or QR code link thereto if scanners are available) showing, at a minimum, the following:

  • the person’s name
  • the brand(s) of vaccine received (such as Moderna, Pfizer, etc)
  • an indication that all required doses for that brand of vaccine were received
  • the date when the final dose was received

Adults must also show acceptable forms of valid ID which include: driver’s license, passport, government issued ID card, health card, birth certificate, student card, Secure Certificate of Indian Status

More detail on the Proof of Full Vaccination Policy can be found at: