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Canada Soccer Concussion Policy

This policy is intended for those managing concussion in soccer at all levels. Professional and National level players typically have access to an enhanced level of medical care, which means that their concussion and their return to play can be managed in a more closely monitored way.

The Policy is based on current evidence and examples of best practice taken from soccer organizations around the world and other sports, including the Football Association,
the Scottish FA, World Rugby, and the Canadian Concussion Collaborative. They are consistent with The Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport, (Toronto: Parachute, 2017) and the current Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport issued by the Fifth International Conference on Concussion in Sport, Berlin 2017. The Policy has been reviewed and is approved by Canada Soccer Sports Medicine Committee.

While this policy aims to reflect ‘best practice’, it must be recognized that there is a current lack of evidence with respect to their effectiveness in preventing long-term harm. Canada Soccer Sports Medicine Committee will continue to monitor research and consensus in the area of concussion and update its policies accordingly.


This can also be found in the Canada Soccer Club Licence Resource section of this website.