Soccer For Life – 14 hours

Stage 7 of Long Term Player Development, Wellness to World Cup, is called Soccer for Life it is designed for any age female and male players. It has also been called “Soccer for health and grass roots growth”.

At any stage in the LTPD model, regardless of their level of ability, players may decide to play soccer as a purely recreational sport so they can continue to enjoy the game and maintain lifelong wellness. They might be youth players who decide not to pursue high performance, or they might be top players from senior clubs, colleges, universities, and semi-professional teams who enjoy competition but do not intend to play at the international level. They might also be complete newcomers to the game who discover an interest in soccer in late adolescence or adult life. Players at all levels should have opportunities to become active in soccer coaching, officiating and administration. The recruitment and retention of players, coaches, referees and administrators is vital to the ongoing development of both grassroots and elite soccer in Canada.

Coaches working with players in this stage are strongly encouraged to take the Soccer for Life coaching course. Typically S4L courses have been hosted over a single weekend with some exceptions. Options enabling hosts flexibility to meet the needs of their coaches exist.

The course will provide information on the following:

  • Information on Canadian Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development model
  • What is the game of Soccer?
  • Information to help coaches understand the development stage of the players they are working with
  • How to plan coaching sessions considering the development stage of the players
  • FIFA Laws of the Game
  • Technical/Tactical development
  • Consider the safety factors involved in running a coaching session
  • How to manage coaching sessions using appropriate content and methodology
  • Provide coaches with an online resource that they can use to plan their sessions
  • Provide coaches with advice they can use to work with players and parents in this stage
  • Coaches will receive a coach’s workbook and a Certificate of Achievement

Making Ethical Decisions Competition Introduction

Soccer coaches must complete Make Ethical Decisions Competition Introduction (MED) module in order to complete the Soccer for Life program & gain “Trained” status in the NCCP database. Coaches are only required to complete MED once. Click here for more information about completing MED.