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The Game Leader program has been designed for trainee game leaders (introduction to coaching) in the small-sided game stations of the preferred training model at the Active Start and FUNdamental stage of development.

The main role of a game leader is to keep the game moving while limiting stoppages and assisting players with all restarts, without blowing a whistle.

Game leaders will be sensitive to the age of the children understanding that they are learning, showing patience and  flexibility to ensure all players are involved and having fun.

The game leader can be a club representative, coach, parent, player or a beginning or senior referee. Who has participated in the game leader instruction program The game leader should always be approachable and enthusiastic.

Creating a positive, fun safe environment for children to play in will help in the children enjoy the experience and therefore be happy to return to participate more

Game Leader Trainer Course

Completing the Game Leader training is very simple. The entire online process of watching the video, completing the quiz, printing your Game Leader Certificate and printing/saving your Game Leader booklet should take no longer than 25 minutes.

The first step of the process is to log on to E2E coach centre at: http://www.coachcentre.ca/Default.aspx

How to Guide for Clubs to Setup Game Leader Program SNS