Soccer Nova Scotia is seeking a highly motivated and passionate individual for its Referee Development Officer position. The RDO will be responsible for providing administration, development, and oversight for all Soccer Nova Scotia Referee matters.


Referee Administration

  • Chair Referee Development Committee
  • Regularly engage with the Chief Assessor, Chief Instructor and other sub-committee chairs
  • Represent the Referee Development Program on all internal staff committees and at all internal SNS meetings
  • Coordinate with other SNS staff to manage the registration and control of referees
  • Manage the budget of the Referee Development Program
  • Receive Dismissal Reports and Special Incident reports as filed by Referees for all competitions in NS (or designate this function to other SNS Staff)
  • Keep current on updated to the Laws of the Game
  • Keep current on new information regarding instructing and assessing from Canada Soccer
  • Coordinate with Referee Assignors throughout the province to create best assigning practices for the development of all referees
  • Through the SNS IT assigning system, ensure Referee Assignors follow best assigning practices

Referee Instruction

  • Coordinate with the Chief Instructor to set goals for and to manage the Provincial Instruction Program
  • Prepare annual referee refresher training material in conjunction with Canada Soccer and the Chief Instructor
  • Prepare annual entry level material in conjunction with Canada Soccer and the Chief Instructor
  • Engage with accredited Instructors in-province to prepare and deliver materials for education sessions, refresher courses, entry level clinics and upgrading clinics
  • Arrange education sessions for Instructors to ensure they meet accreditation requirements

Referee Assessment

  • Coordinate with the Chief Assessor to set goals for and to manage the Provincial Assessment Program
  • Arrange for education sessions for Assessors to ensure they meet accreditation requirements
  • Maintain records on all active Assessors to keep track of which assessments they have completed and keep copies of their assessments on file
  • Together with the Chief Assessor, recruit new Assessors in areas where they are needed
  • Annually review the performance of Assessors with the Chief Assessor

Mentoring Programs

  • Move referees up levels with approval of the Assessment Committee or regional mentor coordinator (up to level 4)
  • Coordinate with regional mentor coordinators and the Assessment Committee
  • Attend games around the province and provide and/or assist with mentor education & support
  • Maintain a record of mentor reports and provide these reports to the referees


  • Participate in meetings attended by Provincial Referee Development Officers (Canada Soccer)
  • Respond to requests for nominations for participation in Canada Soccer Programs including Regional Courses, Provincial Courses, nationally run workshops and nominations to the National and NextGen Programs
  • Liaise with National Championships, AUS, ACAA, SSNS (Formerly NSSAF), Atlantic Championships, NAIG

Skills & Qualifications (Required)

  • Past or current experience as a Referee
  • Experience with MS office tools including Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Excellent relationship building
  • Excellent presentation skills

Skills & Qualifications (Assets)

  • Experience as a Referee Instructor with the capability of being accredited as a Provincial Instructor (Asset)
  • Experience as a Referee Assessor with the capability of being accredited as a Provincial Assessor (Asset)

What’s in it for you?

Impact: We are a dynamic team that’s focused on providing a better experience for all involved in the game of Soccer. Everyone’s contribution is valued and meaningful

Meaning: The impact of our efforts leads to quality services for our membership base

Flexibility: We have a fun, collaborative work environment with flexible work arrangements available

This is an opportunity for the right individual to help grow our game as part of a committed, passionate, and collaborative team.

Salary: We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package

How to apply:

If you’re interested in this position, please email your resume and cover letter to Kate Wigglesworth at admin@soccerns.ca

Deadline: Wednesday, November 24th at 4pm