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As a Member of Soccer Nova Scotia, through the District and Club structure, individuals are provided the following:

  • Access to SNS Registered Referees
  • Insurance (Accident and Liability)
  • Access to the Goalline system
  • Ability to apply for Tournament Sanctioning
  • Ability to apply for Out-of-Province travel
  • Ability to request / host Certification Clinics (Referee & Coaching)
  • Ability to participate in sanctioned tournaments
  • SNS Communication (direct)
  • Support in the development of coaches and referees
  • Support from the referee program for the ongoing monitoring / assessing of referees
  • Invitation to regular Adult / Senior League meetings
  • Voice and vote at General Meetings of the Association
  • Participate in a provincial championship, and at some levels if successful, participate in the national club championships (with financial support from SNS/CSA)
  • Access to player development programs (Provincial Program, Whitecaps/REX programs, EXCEL programs, etc.)
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Financial Assistance for Regional Technical Directors
  • Funding opportunities for athletes, coaches, officials and clubs through “Support for Sport”