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Skill Centres

Season 4 Episode 1 (S4Ep1) is with Julia Burton (Grassroots Development Manager) on the hot topic of Skill Centres. Listen to Mike Whyatt (Soccer Nova Scotia Director of Development), Julia chat about the following:

  • Understanding the Childs needs and Skill Centres
  • The myths around Skill Centres
  • The early success stories on Skill Centres
  • Challenges & solutions with Skill Centres

For information on Skill Centres contact Julia: grassroots@soccerns.ca

We are also giving away 8 Wanderers tickets to a suite for the September 28th game. To win predict the scores of the next four games and tweet @SNS_You_Beauty:

  • July 1st – vs Edmonton
  • July 6th – vs York FC
  • July 10th – vs Ottawa Fury
  • July 13th – vs Calgary FC