Soccer is a game that transforms lives. It brings people of all ages together. Soccer builds communities and inspires us on and off the pitch.  At Soccer Nova Scotia, we proudly support and facilitate the growth of soccer across the province and positively impact the lives of many. We are proud to partner with Soccability Canada to offer community leaders the education and opportunity to expand All-abilities soccer in our communities.

This year, we will present our 2023-2025 Strategic Direction. This is the roadmap we will use over the next three years to remain impactful, to grow the sport, and to bring us closer to realizing our vision–a community-driven, nationally recognized leader in the development and growth of soccer.

We asked what it would take to be recognized as a leading soccer province—more than half referenced soccer development, followed by inclusion.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Soccability Canada to help achieve their vision “ to ensure any person with a disability has the opportunity to play, coach, officiate or participate in soccer in their community, and a pathway for further opportunities in the game.”

Soccer Nova Scotia has partnered with Soccability Canada and will host a workshop for club staff and/or lead coaches from member clubs here in Nova Scotia. This course will enable coaching staff to share the sport of soccer in all its variations will mean kids will see that one size does not fit all. 

WHO: This inclusive soccer workshop will be open for up to two coaching leads and community champions (2 individuals per member club)

WHAT: is a unique opportunity to educate grassroots clubs about the broad range of soccer formats for persons with disabilities

WHEN: The tentative date for the workshop is Friday, April 21st, from 9 AM – 3 PM. If we have more than 20 participants, we will add a second session on Thursday, April 20th, in the evening.


COST: Free of Charge – Soccer NS will cover the fee for all participants

RESERVE YOUR CLUBS SPOT TODAY; E-mail Zach Bauld to secure your reservation:

Unfortunately, there is only a capacity for 20 attendees, and we will register people on a first come, first serve basis. If more than 20 coaching leads are interested in participating, we will extend the session to two-time slots, the second on Thursday, April 20th.


Regardless of their long-term aims in the sport, players with disabilities are first and foremost players. Recognizing this fact, LTPD for Players with Disabilities follows the same basic principles first outlined in the CSA document Wellness to World Cup: a player-centred model for training, competition and recovery that respects the physical, mental and emotional development and maturation of the players themselves.

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