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The Canadian Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development Plan was revamped in 2014. The model follows the principles of athlete development as laid out in the generic model Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). The seven stage model provides a framework for development that ensures enjoyable lifelong playing opportunities for players at all levels of ability, as well as development pathways for elite players who pursue excellence. The backbone of this model is the development of physical literacy as a foundation for lifelong participation and development of excellence.

View a copy of the Canada Soccer Pathway LTPD Guide: CanadaSoccerPathway_LTPDCommunityGuide_EN_20140603



In 2014, Canada Soccer also unveiled its Women’s EXCEL Program, designed to ensure more of Canada’s exceptional young players find their way into the best competitive environments, so that our Women’s National Team is provided with a steady stream of players meeting high standards on the world stage.

To view the Women’s EXCEL Program guide for players and parents: CanadaSoccerPathway_WomensEXCELProgram_Guide_20140603

To download a copy of the Wellness to World Cup Volume 1 and 2 please follow the link below.

As part of the LTPD implementation plan the Canadian Soccer Association has started to bring the old Community Coaching Program into line with stages of the LTPD. Please go to overview to get more information.

As part of Soccer Nova Scotia’s implementation of the Canadian Soccer Association LTPD we have created a “Best Practices” document to help guide our member regions and clubs to provide the very best programs fro their membership.

To download a copy of Soccer Nova Scotia’s Best Practices please follow the link below.
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