The Soccer Nova Scotia Referee Department is pleased to announce a collaboration -agreement with the Referee Uniform provider “Savi”  
The only purpose of this collaboration is for all Soccer Nova Scotia Referees to have clear guidance on what kind of uniform to purchase and from where. The referees’ appearance is extremely important and coordinating uniforms among referees is one piece that will help to improve their overall appearance.
Under no circumstance will the Soccer Nova Scotia Referee Department require any existing or new referee to purchase new uniforms or specifically purchase the Savi brand in order to be appointed to any game.
Some clarifications on how to order Savi uniforms if you are interested.
  • Savi will open a specific section in their website for Soccer Nova Scotia Referees
  • This website option will be available approximately after April 24th and will continue to be open for an indefinite period of time.
  • Each referee will order individually and pay through the Savi website, no money will be handled through SNS
  • Savi will deliver all the orders received at the end of every single week
  • Expected delivery time: 10 days approximately
  • A lot of their products are in stock so it will not be a problem to purchase items.
  • There will be 2 options for delivery:
    • Personal address (extra delivery cost, approximately $20)
    • To SNS Office, Halifax (no delivery cost)
  • If the product is sent to SNS, I will directly coordinate with the referee regarding arrangements for picking up their order. SNS will have no obligation to deliver the order to any referee’s address. This is an option simply to help with the delivery cost of ordering Savi products.
  • Savi manufactures and sells direct, so they constantly try to provide slightly better prices to us than the regular price on their website.
  • The order of the colours that we recommend to use for our games are as follows:
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Rosso
    • Green
  • Savi sizing fits similar on shorts but smaller on the jerseys. For example, if you wear Large for an Umbro or Adidas jersey, then you will need XL for a Savi jersey.  You are fully responsible to check the return policy directly with Savi.
Additional information will be provided once the online store is available on the Savi website later in April.
For any questions regarding this information, please email Juan Marquez,